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The Ransomware Battleground in 2022 https://www.atlantafed.org:443/blogs/take-on-payments/2023/03/20/ransomware-battleground-in-2022?item=AF6D0951-28E3-43CA-B59E-45D29EAD5891 AF6D0951-28E3-43CA-B59E-45D29EAD5891 Mon, 20 Mar 2023 13:44:00 EST As the war against ransomware rages on, we scout the field for the trends, strategies, and defensive tactics of 2022. Read Take on Payments for the latest reconnaissance on ransomware crime. Instant Payments and the Challenges of Inclusive Product Design https://www.atlantafed.org:443/blogs/take-on-payments/2023/03/13/instant-payments-and-challenges-of-inclusive-product-design?item=79F99E35-5D49-453D-AAE9-FADCED6584B6 79F99E35-5D49-453D-AAE9-FADCED6584B6 Mon, 13 Mar 2023 13:44:00 EST As financial services move towards inclusivity, many consumers may find it difficult to use instant payments, in part, because of product design. Read Take on Payments for an overview of how product design affects inclusivity of payment systems. Is Your Tax Refund at Risk of Theft? https://www.atlantafed.org:443/blogs/take-on-payments/2023/03/06/is-your-tax-refund-at-risk-of-theft?item=27D27477-C0C6-4F8C-B368-369835DF4DDE 27D27477-C0C6-4F8C-B368-369835DF4DDE Mon, 06 Mar 2023 13:44:00 EST Every year millions of people diligently file their taxes only to find that a criminal has already stolen their tax refund. Read Take on Payments to find out more about stolen identity refund fraud and for tips to prevent it from happening to you. Are Digital Payments Failing the Unbanked? https://www.atlantafed.org:443/blogs/take-on-payments/2023/02/27/are-digital-payments-failing-unbanked?item=D2B524CC-CC92-438F-8676-BDAFBBDB1E8A D2B524CC-CC92-438F-8676-BDAFBBDB1E8A Mon, 27 Feb 2023 13:44:00 EST Experts predicted that fintech would promote digital access for the unbanked, but data show otherwise. Read Take on Payments for insights derived from the Survey and Diary of Consumer Payment Choice. Consumers Who Forgo Payment Cards https://www.atlantafed.org:443/blogs/take-on-payments/2023/02/21/consumers-who-forgo-payment-cards?item=865B216F-71B3-4EF9-80E7-0B078FD9510C 865B216F-71B3-4EF9-80E7-0B078FD9510C Tue, 21 Feb 2023 13:44:00 EST Consumers who have neither a credit card nor a debit card linked to a bank account nevertheless make some payments with just such cards. How? Read Take on Payments to learn more about the friends and family financial ecosystem. The Presidents in Your Wallet https://www.atlantafed.org:443/blogs/take-on-payments/2023/02/13/presidents-in-your-wallet?item=0649500A-A24C-444E-B845-F7C447AE69DF 0649500A-A24C-444E-B845-F7C447AE69DF Mon, 13 Feb 2023 13:44:00 EST Can you name the two nonpresidents whose images are stamped on your money? In honor of Presidents Day, read Take On Payments to learn some trivia about currency. Driving a Resurgence in Black Banking https://www.atlantafed.org:443/blogs/take-on-payments/2023/02/06/driving-a-resurgence-in-black-banking?item=A59E2513-A619-43E5-A08D-807B2692D3AC A59E2513-A619-43E5-A08D-807B2692D3AC Mon, 06 Feb 2023 13:44:00 EST Black-owned businesses have historically struggled to get equitable access to credit. While Black-owned financial institutions were created to help offset the gap, their numbers have shrunk. Read Take on Payments to learn about some important work being done to empower Black-owned financial providers and their communities. What Does Generative AI Mean for Payments? https://www.atlantafed.org:443/blogs/take-on-payments/2023/01/30/what-does-generative-ai-mean-for-payments?item=B5A78D0B-6FD6-49EE-B101-2896BF64A27A B5A78D0B-6FD6-49EE-B101-2896BF64A27A Mon, 30 Jan 2023 13:44:00 EST In a short three months, OpenAI has everyone talking about ChatGPT's ability to mimic human-generated text. Read Take On Payments for a discussion on how this new technology may effect payments. The Year of the Mobile Payment—Really! https://www.atlantafed.org:443/blogs/take-on-payments/2023/01/23/year-of-mobile-payment--really?item=F4101968-7084-4B0D-A8AE-0E6A9F0B9057 F4101968-7084-4B0D-A8AE-0E6A9F0B9057 Mon, 23 Jan 2023 07:30:00 EST For years, people including our own Retail Payments Risk Forum team have speculated about when mobile payments were going to finally take hold. Read Take On Payments for a discussion of findings from the Survey and Diary of Consumer Payments Choice on recent trends in mobile payments.