Atlanta Fed President Discloses Finances

As one of 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks and as representatives of the Sixth Federal Reserve District, we understand the importance of the public's trust to maintaining the integrity and credibility of the U.S. central bank. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is committed to transparency, and, in that effort, we are making the Atlanta Fed president's financial disclosure forms available to the public.

As an employee of our Bank, our president is subject to the Atlanta Fed's employee code of conduct, which outlines the standards we expect from all employees. As a senior official of our Bank and a member of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), our president is subject to the Board of Governors' Voluntary Guide to Conduct for Senior Officials, which prohibits transactions during blackout periods before FOMC meetings and outlines other restrictions.

The FOMC adopted comprehensive new rules in February 2022 for the investment and trading activity of senior officials. The rules took effect May 1, 2022. The requirements for advance notice and preclearance of transactions took effect July 1, 2022.

The Atlanta Fed's chief ethics officer reviews the president's financial disclosure every year and reports potential conflicts of interest to the Atlanta Fed's board of directors throughout the year, if any arise. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors also reviews the financial disclosures annually.

Each year since joining the Atlanta Fed in 2017, President Raphael Bostic has disclosed his personal finances, outside activities, and other information. The forms below cover President Bostic's finances and civic duties for each calendar year he has been in office.

On October 14, 2022, President Bostic published his 2021 disclosure form and corrected disclosure forms for previous years. Read the document explaining the changes to previous filings.

2021 Atlanta Fed President Financial Disclosure

2020 Atlanta Fed President Financial Disclosure (previously filed 2020 form)

2019 Atlanta Fed President Financial Disclosure (previously filed 2019 form)

2018 Atlanta Fed President Financial Disclosure (previously filed 2018 form)

2017 Atlanta Fed President Financial Disclosure (previously filed 2017 form)

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