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About the Atlanta Fed

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is one of 12 regional Reserve Banks in the United States that, with the Board of Governors in Washington, DC, make up the Federal Reserve System—the nation's central bank. Since its establishment by an act of Congress in 1913, the Federal Reserve System's primary role has been to foster a sound financial system and a healthy economy.

To advance this goal, the Atlanta Fed helps formulate monetary policy, supervises banks and bank and financial holding companies, and provides payment services to depository institutions and the federal government. Through its six offices in Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Miami, Nashville, and New Orleans, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta serves the Sixth Federal Reserve District, which comprises Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, and parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

The 2011 Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Annual Report was created and produced by
the Public Affairs Department.

Bobbie H. McCrackin

Vice President and Public Affairs Officer

Pierce Nelson

Assistant Vice President and Public Information Officer

Lynne Anservitz

Strategic Publishing Director

Carole Starkey

Web Communications Director

Peter Hamilton
Darryl Kennedy
Odie Swanegan

Graphic Designers

Charles Davidson


Nancy Condon


Howard Fore
Momolu Sancea
Leslie Williams

Web Team

Flip Chalfant


Atlanta Office
1000 Peachtree Street N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30309-4470

Birmingham Branch
524 Liberty Parkway
Birmingham, Alabama 35242-7531

Jacksonville Branch
800 Water Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32204

Miami Branch
9100 N.W. 36th Street
Miami, Florida 33178-2425

Nashville Branch
301 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37203-4407

New Orleans Branch
525 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130-3480