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Any financially sound, state-chartered bank—including a de novo—can become a Federal Reserve System member. Contact the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta to discuss benefits and identify any perceived hurdles early in the process.

We encourage you to contact either Steve Wise, Vice President, Community and Regional Banking (404-498-7351), or John Pelick, Vice President, Applications and Consumer Compliance (404-498-7163).

Membership in the Federal Reserve

Any state-chartered bank can become a member of the Federal Reserve System. Visit our Applications page.

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Benefits of Fed Supervision

Member banks vote for directors of the Atlanta Fed and are eligible to serve as directors. They can also provide valuable input to the Federal Reserve Board by joining the Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council (CDIAC).

In addition to our examination staff in Atlanta and Miami, we also appoint a central point of contact and a consumer affairs liaison for each state member bank.

Cost of Membership

We don't charge fees to community banks for supervision or applications. Each member bank must subscribe to capital stock in the Atlanta Fed, but the paid-in portion currently earns an annual dividend of 6 percent.

How to Join

Learn more about the process of joining the Federal Reserve System. (PDF version Adobe PDF file format)

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Learn more about the supervisory process Adobe PDF file format and the usefulness of the bank holding company structure. Adobe PDF file format Learn more about applications.