Become a State Member Bank: The Benefits of Federal Reserve Supervision


Hello, I'm Doris Quiros, senior vice president of Supervision, Regulation and Credit at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Thanks for visiting our site, where you'll find information on Federal Reserve supervision, the discount window, and the applications process. You can also follow hot topics and read regulatory updates. Our District includes Georgia, Florida, and Alabama, and portions of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. We have responsibility for supervising a wide range of financial institutions that include community, regional, and large state member banking organizations. We also supervise bank and thrift holding companies, international firms, and significant service providers who play an important role in the financial industry.

We conduct our supervisory programs by working with many long-standing partners, including state and federal banking organizations. These partnerships create efficiency and allow us to be better supervisors. We have experienced, well-trained examiners and subject matter experts with a strong understanding of the financial services industry. We know that one size does not fit all. Our tailored supervision is risk-focused. We believe transparency is key with no surprises. We take a proactive approach to industry outreach. Several of our initiatives are delivered specifically with community banks in mind. Any bank can become a member of the Federal Reserve System. Reach out to us to learn about the benefits of being a state member bank, or a holding company structure. There's also information on our website. We look forward to connecting with you.