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Dan Immergluck

Professor, Urban Studies Institute at Georgia State University
  • Biography

    Dan Immergluck is a professor in the Urban Studies Institute at Georgia State University. He conducts research on housing and real estate markets, mortgage finance and foreclosures, community reinvestment and fair lending, affordable housing, neighborhood change, and related public policy. He has taught courses in real estate finance, housing policy, research methods, and other topics. Immergluck has authored four books, more than 50 articles in scholarly journals, and scores of applied research and policy reports. He manages applied research projects at the local and national levels. He has testified before Congress, the Federal Reserve Board, and state and local legislative bodies. His work has been cited in a wide variety of government and policy reports. Immergluck has been frequently quoted and cited in the media, including in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Time magazine, USA Today, and a wide variety of regional and local newspapers, as well as on National Public Radio. His most recent book, Preventing the Next Mortgage Crisis: The Meltdown, the Federal Response, and the Future of Housing in America, was published in 2015 by Rowman and Littlefield.

  • Atlanta Fed Publications

    Atlanta Fed Community and Economic Development Discussion Papers

    Declines in Low-Cost Rented Housing Units in Eight Large Southeastern Cities
    Dan Immergluck, Ann Carpenter, and Abram Lueders
    May 2016
    Abstract | Full text Adobe PDF file format (2.01 MB)

    Intrametropolitan Patterns of Foreclosed Homes: ZIP-Code-Level Distributions of Real-Estate-Owned (REO) Properties during the U.S. Mortgage Crisis
    Dan Immergluck
    April 2009
    Full text Adobe PDF file format (4.75 MB)

    The Accumulation of Foreclosed Properties: Trajectories of Metropolitian REO Inventories during the 2007–2008 Mortgage Crisis
    Dan Immergluck
    December 2008
    Full text Adobe PDF file format (1.55 MB)

    Community Response to the Foreclosure Crisis: Thoughts on Local Interventions
    Dan Immergluck
    October 2008
    Full text Adobe PDF file format (181 KB)