Workers and employers increasingly rely on occupational credentials for their workforce training needs. However, a growth in options for obtaining these credentials has led to increased uncertainty about their value in relation to one another. The Kansas City Fed will host a webinar February 23 to address how credential programs can be redesigned to address these issues.

This webinar, Transforming U.S. Workforce Development Policy & Practice: Redesigning Strategies, is the first in a series led by the Kansas Fed. It will be based on two chapters from Transforming U.S. Workforce Development Policies for the 21st CenturyOff-site link, a book jointly developed by the Kansas City Fed, the Atlanta Fed, and the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development.

Stephen Crawford of George Washington University, author of the chapter "Creating and Communicating Critical Information about Workforce Credentials," and Heath Prince of the University of Texas, who wrote the chapter "Connecting Workers to Credentials: The Promise and Pitfalls of Awarding Academic Credit for Prior Learning," will present during the webinar. A third speaker, Kimberly Sadler of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technical Education, will discuss her experience in designing and implementing credential programs.

RegisterOff-site link for the February 23 webinar on redesigning credential strategies. Also, mark your calendar for two subsequent webinars on March 22 and April 28. These webinars will tackle building evidence-based practice and targeted workforce development strategies, respectively.