Community & Institutional Partnerships

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The Colorado Workforce Development Council

The Colorado Workforce Development Council is partnering with the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Kansas City to better understand and address the effects of benefits cliffs and plateaus on low-income families’ financial incentives for career advancement in Colorado. When a career advancement puts a family above the income eligibility threshold for public assistance programs, the result may be that the family is financially worse off (a benefits cliff) or no better off (a benefits plateau) than before the wage increase. Both these outcomes can be disincentives for a family to advance.

A central part of this initiative is hosting pilot implementations of the Atlanta Fed’s CLIFF Dashboard and CLIFF Planner to develop effective strategies and practices for their broader use. This initiative will provide lessons on how the CLIFF tools can be implemented and scaled to contribute to the goal of addressing benefits cliffs and plateaus through both policy and practice.

Colorado pilot programs

The pilots consist of the following three organizations using the tools in various settings:

  • A/D Works!
  • Pueblo Sub-Area, Rural Workforce Consortium
  • Northwest Sub-Area, Rural Workforce Consortium

Each pilot will be customized to the local organization’s processes, participant and client needs, and resources. The pilots will focus on testing the tools in various settings, identifying effective practices in implementation, and providing feedback for improving the tools.

The Kansas City Fed will support the pilot implementation of the tools and disseminate lessons learned. The tools will be used to identify benefits cliffs by analyzing how public benefits interact with local in-demand career pathways. The Colorado Workforce Development Council and pilot sites can use this information to support workers and job seekers in their movement toward economic self-sufficiency.

Read the press release announcing the partnership of the Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) and the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta and Kansas City to the launch of the Career Ladder Identifier and Financial Forecaster (CLIFF) tool, designed to help Coloradans make informed decisions about their careers.