Community and Institutional Partnerships

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Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona

The Atlanta Fed has partnered with the Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona (WFSA) to create the CLIFF Dashboard for the in-demand career pathways in each of Arizona's regions to inform policy and practice. The Women's Foundation will use the dashboard to:

  • Identify how public benefits interact with in-demand career pathways in Arizona. Key stakeholders in Arizona's workforce development system can use this information to support workers and job seekers. WFSA published a research brief that identified 36 mid-skill, high-wage fields in the state that require no more than an associate's degree or certificate equivalent. These career tracks are projected to grow in Arizona and pay a median wage estimated to allow a single mother of a young child to meet family needs without public assistance. Efforts to make these fields more hospitable and accessible for women and to help women make informed choices about career options are important to supporting Arizona families and the economy.
  • Analyze this interaction of benefits and career pathways and identify possible policy solutions for a coordinated response supporting workers' movement along pathways to in-demand careers in important Arizona industries that pay self-sufficient wages. WFSA has had recent success in effecting policy change with the passing of its state legislation allowing single mothers to continue receiving childcare subsidies while enrolled as full-time students. WFSA implemented a research-informed pilot project called Pathways for Single Moms, which helped support this legislation. Pathways helps single mothers to pursue a one-year career and technical education certification in high-demand career fields that pay a livable wage. The certification is available through Pima Community College's Adult Education iBEST program.