Bell Ringer

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Teachers, are you looking for fresh resources in the classroom? Our Bell Ringer activities may fit the bill! They encourage students to use critical thinking skills as they explore economic topics.

A Trip around the World through Exports

Are you teaching a class on globalization, world trade, exports, and comparative advantage? This activity will complement your curricula and help students identify top world export leaders.

March 2017

What Are College Athletes Wearing? Sports Apparel and the Southeastern Conference

Are you teaching a unit on market structure, market power, or oligopoly? Explore the concepts with this Bell Ringer activity on the relationship between the SEC football and sports apparel markets.

January 2017

Risk and Return Grab Bag

Get your students thinking about saving and investing strategies with this new Bell Ringer activity. Students will build a hypothetical portfolio to understand the trade-off between risk and return.

January 2017

Characteristics of the Entrepreneur Four Corners Activity

Teachers, do you have budding entrepreneurs in your classroom? This Bell Ringer activity can help your students assess their potential as future entrepreneurs and identify skills to strengthen.

December 2016

Life Is Risky Business

What risks do your students face in their everyday lives? This Bell Ringer classroom activity will identify different types of risk and how to manage or mitigate them. Students will also consider the positive and negative consequences of risk taking.

November 2016

Real versus Nominal Values: Let's Go to the Movies!

Teach your economics students about the difference between real and nominal values in this Bell Ringer activity that uses movies as a learning tool. Students will learn how to adjust a value like a ticket price for inflation, giving the real value.

October 2016

Economic Theme Bingo

Teachers, this Bell Ringer Bingo game will help break the ice in an economics class. Students will get to know their classmates as they move around the room and identify behaviors associated with gains from trades, incentives, interdependency, and scarcity.

September 2016

Introduction to International Trade

Which countries are the most important trading partners with the United States? Get your students thinking about their own states' exports with this new Bell Ringer activity.

July 2016

Understanding the National Debt

What U.S. president said, "Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt"? In this Bell Ringer exercise, students will deliberate on historical figures' thinking about our country's debt.

July 2016

Does Bill Gates Have a Lot of Money?

Since Gates is the richest person in the country it seems logical to say yes, but the answer is more nuanced than that. This Bell Ringer activity helps students learn the differences between money, net worth, and wealth.

July 2016