Teaching Financial Literacy Year Round

April has been designated National Financial Literacy Month to raise awareness about the importance of personal finance education. Here at the Atlanta Fed, we know the importance of teaching Americans, beginning at a young age, how to develop healthy financial behaviors. So we deliver programs year round that promote both financial and economic education.

We see this as a crucial component of our central mission, which is to promote sustainable economic growth, a sound financial system, and stable prices. We believe if people understand how the financial system works and the Fed's role in the economy, they will make better decisions in their own financial lives and will contribute to a more productive and informed workforce.

To mark the month, we'd like to share some of our resources and information about upcoming events.

Interactive lessons to teach financial preparedness
We have updated our financial preparedness curriculum, Katrina's Classroom, to incorporate more hands-on interactive lessons and activities. Use these resources to teach about decision making, goal-setting, banking basics, credit, and the importance of developing human capital. The lessons incorporate changes that have taken place in recent years in banking, such as online banking and the existence of mobile applications. They also include a comprehensive budget project. The new lessons cover many more topics than these.

Go to our website to check them out.

Teacher workshops
Consider joining us for one of our "Dinner and a Movie" workshops, where you'll learn new ideas and leave with classroom-ready lessons and activities as well as a copy of the featured film. We'll show you how to use clips from popular movies to capture your students' imaginations and then follow up viewing time with engaging lessons to teach the importance of budgeting, saving, and the wise use of credit.

Check out our calendar of upcoming events.

Money Smart Week
On April 7, the Atlanta Fed, a partner of the Get Money Smart Atlanta collaborative, will host the Greater Atlanta Money Smart Week kickoff luncheon and awards ceremony for the Money Smart Kid essay contest. Throughout the week of April 5–12, partner organizations will conduct a variety of events to promote financial literacy for all ages. Search the calendar of events to find a program in your area and get updates from the Metro Atlanta website as well.

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By Amy Hennessy, director of economic education, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and editorial director of Extra Credit

March 28, 2014