Volume 15, Number 4
Fourth Quarter 2013



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The Productivity Paradox: Is Technology Failing or Fueling Growth?
Rapid advances in technology have opened up vistas that seemed unimaginable a generation ago. But even as technology brings innovation to nearly every area of employment, how will it affect the overall labor force?
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2013: Another Year of Modest Growth
Years have passed since the recession ended, but the Southeast's economic growth remained tentative and modest in the past year. Though some bright spots—notably, housing—have emerged, the region is still seeking consistent momentum. Will it arrive in 2014?
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Global Economic Growth Falters...Again
Economies around the world have struggled in the wake of the financial crisis, but economists thought 2013 would be the year that global economic growth shook off its torpor. Instead, the year was characterized by uneven progress and, in some cases, decelerating growth.
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