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Volume 2, Number 2, Second Quarter 2000

   Fed’s Regional Structure Provides Unique
   Insight into the Economy

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   A Wealth Effect

Against a backdrop of soaring consumer spending, there has recently been a great deal of attention focused on the wealth effect. But does this economic phenomenon really have a significant impact on current spending by consumers, and should policymakers be concerned with increases in demand over supply brought about by this increased spending?

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   Higher Education Translates
   Into Big Business

Thoughts of university towns remind many people of the carefree days of college and big games on Saturdays. But, as this article points out, universities are more than just ivory towers. In fact, universities provide a significant economic boost to their home cities, including jobs, community investments and spending by students and faculty.
vertical line    Mercosur: Back on Track?
While Mercosur has experienced successes as a trading bloc in South America, its long-term sustainability was called into question recently as squabbles developed between the principal countries. Today, however, with improving economies and an emphasis on resolving disagreements, Mercosur appears to be headed in the right direction.

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