Second Quarter, Volume 6, Number 2

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      Volume 6, Number 2, Second Quarter 2004

Nashville Economy Stays in Tune

Known by fans nationwide as Music City, Nashville is the undisputed mecca of country music. Although a steep slump in sales of country music hit the local recording industry hard, Nashville’s leaders remain optimistic about the future and their city’s prospects for sustaining growth.

Labor Market Lessons From Georgia’s Temp Workers

Does the growing market for temporary help services indicate an economic surge, or is the temp boom evidence of employers’ reluctance to hire permanent workers? Data collected on Georgia workers show the important yet volatile role temp workers occupy in the labor market.

Understanding CAFTA: Perspectives From All Sides

Implementation of the Central American Free Trade Agreement creates new opportunities for U.S. companies. Because exports drive growth in the Southeast, gaining access to these new markets should enhance regional growth and development.