The tools in the CLIFF suite of tools model the interaction of public benefits, taxes, and tax credits with wage progressions and currently include three core tools, as well as the Employer Edition tool.

CLIFF Snapshot: Compares a client’s current financial situation to possible alternative scenarios. Counselors can help their clients better understand how an increase in wages, additional hours worked, and/or participation in public assistance programs may better position them for financial stability.

CLIFF Dashboard: Details the long-term financial implications of a new career. The Dashboard shows income and public assistance over a 20-year-plus horizon. The Dashboard also includes a self-sufficiency target which identifies the estimated level at which worker’s after-tax income will position them to cover their basic expenses.

CLIFF Planner: Helps clients when they’re ready to map out the details of their career move. With the Planner’s flexibility, counselors can work with their clients to build a customized education plan, career plan, and budget. The Planner produces a much more individualized financial portrait compared to the Dashboard.

Note: The Employer Edition is similar to Snapshot but is a simplified version that allows for employer-specific medical premiums, and its target user is human resources staff or managers. If you are coaching employees directly, use Snapshot.

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