The Federal Reserve has long viewed transparency and accountability as fundamental principles of central banking. As one of 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks and as representatives of the Sixth Federal Reserve District, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta understands the importance of the public's trust in maintaining the integrity and credibility of the US central bank. Because the Atlanta Fed is committed to transparency, we make documents and information, including about our president's finances and public activities, available on our website.

Information Availability Policy
The following list describes this transparency and includes links to more information. If you are interested in information not on our website, please visit our Information Availability Policy page to learn how to make a request. From there, you can also link to our Transformation and Accountability Policy.

Atlanta Fed Financial Statements Adobe PDF file formatOff-site link
Every year, an independent public accounting firm audits the Atlanta Fed's financial statement. You can find the latest financial statement with our most recent annual report.

Codes of Conduct and Expectations for the Atlanta Fed President and Employees
The Atlanta Fed's employee code of conduct Adobe PDF file format applies to the president as it does to all Bank employees. Further, as a member of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), our president is subject to the Board of Governors' Voluntary Guide to Conduct for Senior Officials, Adobe PDF file formatOff-site link which, among other restrictions, prohibits financial transactions during defined periods before and after FOMC meetings. Further, the FOMC recently adopted comprehensive rules Adobe PDF file formatOff-site link (effective May 1, 2022) regarding the investment and trading activity of senior officials.

Congressional Reports
Each year, the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion (OMWI) at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta provides a congressional report highlighting the work the Atlanta Fed performed in the previous year to ensure workforce and supplier diversity and to advance financial literacy in inner-city, majority/minority, and girls' schools.

Meet Our Directors
Directors are experienced business and community leaders who act as a link between the Federal Reserve System and the public. By sharing their diverse professional perspectives, directors participate in the formulation of monetary policy and thus play an important role in the effective functioning of the Federal Reserve. Directors also serve as Fed ambassadors, helping their communities understand the Fed's mission. You can find additional information about directors on our website, and you can also learn more about the code of conductOff-site link that directors follow.

Meet Our Executive Leadership Committee
The Atlanta Fed's executive leadership committee provides strategic, senior-level policy and management direction for the Bank's region. The committee provides the president and first vice president their perspectives on matters that have broad implications or impact, intended to support operational excellence, agility, diversity and inclusion, and continual improvement.

President's Activities
As president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Raphael Bostic regularly interacts with external stakeholders to understand the Sixth District economy and communicate about the US central bank. This includes meeting with businesses, organizations, and government officials; giving speeches and other public remarks; being interviewed by the media; and generally engaging in the communities we serve.

Find out about the Atlanta Fed president's upcoming and past events by viewing our media advisories. We also make the president's monthly calendar available, which shows his planned meetings with external contacts as well as some meetings with Atlanta Fed staff.

President and First Vice President Searches and Reappointments
When the current president or first vice president announces their intent to leave office, the Atlanta Fed conducts a fair and thorough search for a replacement. Learn how the Reserve Banks, including the Atlanta Fed, conduct a presidential search and read about our current search for a first vice president.

President's Financial Disclosures and Outside Activities
All Federal Reserve Bank presidents must file annual financial disclosures with their Bank's ethics officer. The Atlanta Fed's chief ethics officer reviews the president's financial disclosure and reports any potential conflicts of interest to the Atlanta Fed's board of directors. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors also reviews these disclosures annually.

Each year since joining the Atlanta Fed in 2017, President Raphael Bostic has disclosed his personal finances, outside professional activities, and other relevant information. The forms cover President Bostic's finances and civic duties for each calendar year he has been in office.