"All These Factors Are Compounding": A Discussion of the Housing Market

12/19/2022 - In this episode of the podcast, an Atlanta Fed subject matter expert discusses interest rates, affordability, supply and demand, and other factors affecting the housing market, both regionally and nationally.

"It's Important That We Are as Tuned In as Possible": A Conversation about Economic Information

11/8/2022 - The Atlanta Fed gathers firsthand economic information at the grassroots level from all over the Southeast. The conversation in this episode of the podcast talks to two Bank executives about how they gather information and how they use it.

"We Have Formed Really Good Relationships with Our Member Banks": A Conversation about Banking

9/29/2022 - Banking is a large and complex system whose proper functioning most people take for granted. This episode talks to two Atlanta Fed experts about banking and the business of banking.

"It's a Harder Environment to Forecast In": Discussing the Science of Measuring GDP

9/8/2022 - The pandemic's impact on the economy significantly complicated how we measure gross domestic product. Pat Higgins, an Atlanta Fed economist, joins the podcast to discuss the GDPNow tool and recent developments in gross domestic product.

"It's at Historically Low Levels": A Conversation about Housing Affordability

8/11/2022 - Between tight supplies and rising interest rates, housing affordability has been on a sharp decline. The conversation in this episode of the podcast talks about these and other factors affecting housing affordability.

"The Pandemic Really Accelerated Trends": A Conversation about Banking

4/4/2022 - Southeastern bankers have been attempting to return to a new normalcy after a couple of eventful years. This episode features a talk with Doris Quiros, head of the Atlanta Fed’s Supervision, Regulation, and Credit Division.

"Affordability Has Been Declining": A Discussion of Housing Affordability

1/13/2022 - Several discrete factors have combined to make housing less affordable on a nationwide basis. The conversation in this episode of the podcast analyzes those factors and their varied effects on the affordability of US housing markets.

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