• Improving economic mobility and resilience is an important part of the Atlanta Fed’s maximum employment mandate, leading us to seek to understand and explain why some people and places thrive economically and bounce back from economic shocks while others struggle. Robust research and evidence tell us that many deeply entrenched systemic barriers prevent people, especially historically underserved communities and people of color, from achieving their full economic potential and being able to weather life’s hiccups. We apply this knowledge in our collaborations, which include partnerships with nonprofit workforce development agencies, industry associations, academic institutions, local government entities, foundations, housing and community developers, and more. We are a hub, where anyone can access our research, tools, and expertise to help improve the economic vitality of the Southeast.

    We listen, learn, research, educate, and convene, and we work with those who can take action to create a more inclusive and resilient economy.

    So that the Fed can accomplish its mandate of maximum employment, everyone must be able to contribute fully so that we can all achieve #EveryonesEconomy.

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    Have you found a solution that works to address economic mobility and resilience in your community? The Atlanta Fed is interested in on-the-ground practices that can help inform our research.

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    Join a Federal Reserve event. We offer webinars about racial equity, community and workforce development. Additionally, you can sign up for teacher workshops and other events about financial and economic education, as well as about career planning, here.

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    Our employees are available to speak to community and professional groups about Atlanta Fed work in economic mobility, such as our research on benefits cliffs and career pathways, challenges faced by small businesses, equitable and affordable housing, and racial equity.

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    The resources on this page include working papers, articles, data tools, lesson plans, speeches, podcasts, and videos. We categorize this information by topics that relate to economic mobility and resilience. The content is intended for anyone in a position to help others or looking for credible research. Nonprofit organizations and foundations can learn about conditions and needs in various communities. Policymakers and community leaders can tap into research that helps them shape policies that will benefit their constituents and neighborhoods. Employers can better understand some of the financial concerns affecting their employees. And academics and teachers can take advantage of the Fed’s repository of research and lesson plans.