The Story of Money: 03--Value in Use, Value in Exchange

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In some forms, money has value in use: you can eat or wear it, chop wood with it, or use it to make something else. In other forms, money has value in exchange: it works because we agree that the money represents a certain value.
The silver in this "tiger tongue" made it intrinsically valuable This Luristan bronze arm ring is a 7,000-year-old form of money Dried grain was useful as money and food
silver bronze arm ring dried grain
Arrowheads were popular in trade
arrowhead arrowhead arrowhead
arrowhead arrowhead arrowhead
Throwing knives were used in the Congo as tools and money Cowrie shell necklaces were used for jewelry and exchange Kissi pennies are still used in parts of West Africa
throwing knife cowrie shell necklace Kissi pennies
This form of money is probably in your pocket right now
paper money paper money