The Atlanta Fed's Community and Economic Development department supports the Central Bank's mandate of stable prices and maximum employment by working to improve the economic mobility and resilience of people and places for a healthy economy.

We do this by conducting research and creating data tools to uncover the barriers to and opportunities for improved economic mobility and make the data easily accessible for community/organization planning and decision making; engaging stakeholders to help organizations and communities understand relevant issues and undertake cross-sector solutions; and tracking and elevating issues facing the Southeast's lower-income residents.

Areas of Focus

Housing and Neighborhoods
Affordable Housing and Neighborhoods
In this area we track housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income households and the revitalization of distressed neighborhoods. We also examine housing plans and policies that facilitate greater access to equitable communities.
Community and Economic Development Finance
Community Development Finance
We study types and scale of community development investment in the Southeast, including those motivated by the Community Reinvestment Act. We also focus on barriers to and opportunities for leveraging these investments to improve economically distressed communities.
Workforce Development and Jobs
Human Capital and Workforce Development
We gather evidence to foster systems, policies, investments, and programs that improve employment outcomes for Southeast job seekers and employers alike. We use this research and analysis to help build connections among workforce, economic, and community development professionals.
Small Business
Small Business and Entrepreneurship
We focus on Southeastern small business conditions and credit needs to foster greater economic inclusion, in part through participation in a joint survey with other Reserve Banks and through local and regional convenings.