While our country continues to experience positive indicators of economic expansion, a split continues to grow between those who benefit from this growth and those who are left behind. Come to this year's Reinventing Our Communities (ROC): Equity InSight conference. At ROC, we'll address the challenges of inequality and share innovative approaches to reduce disparities in employment, housing, and wealth creation.

Register now. We are proud to cosponsor this groundbreaking event. Join us for the three-day conference, where we will:

  • FRAME the ways current systems create and exacerbate disparities and how policy and practice can be reformed to improve economic stability and mobility.
  • LEARN how to improve your approach to the challenges of inequality by refocusing on local data, needs, and interventions.
  • APPLY lessons learned to develop local solutions that you can take back to your community.

Don't miss out. Be a part of ROC so your voice can be heard!

When: May 27–29, 2020
Where: Philadelphia
Visit www.philadelphiafed.org/roc2020 to learn more.