April 2, 2018

seedy hooded person inputting credentials onto screen from computer perspective

Worried about consumer fraud? Here are tips on protecting yourself!

Some current frauds and scamsOff-site link include:

  • Fake invoice scamsOff-site link are a new phishing attempt to get consumers to click on a link, which may then install viruses or ransomware.
  • Fraudulent emails claiming to be from government entitiesOff-site link such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Social Security Administration, the Secretary of State, and other government agencies claiming you owe money and will be jailed if you don’t pay immediately.
  • IRS frauds and scamsOff-site link include fraudsters depositing invalid tax refunds into bank accounts, filing false returns using your personal data, and claiming to be part of a taxpayer advocacy panel in an attempt to obtain your personal data.

The Federal Reserve offers a variety of resourcesOff-site link to assist consumers with identity theft, frauds, and scams.