November 1, 2019

illustration of a woman holding up her hands with a question mark above her head, surrounded by stacks of coins, a bill, gifts, a piggy bank, and credit cards

As the holiday season approaches, you will face a number of decisions. What dishes should you prepare for the Thanksgiving get-together? What's the perfect gift for a holiday celebration? How will you adjust your budget for holiday shopping? These tips can help with your decision-making process now and throughout the year.

  • The PACED decision-making modelOff-site link is used to define a problem, list alternatives, state criteria, evaluate alternatives according to your stated criteria, and make a decision.
  • Having a plan Adobe PDF file format can help in making decisions and reaching your goals.
  • Making major financial decisions such as how to pay for college, whether to buy or rent a home, or how much to save for retirement can be made more manageable with easy-to-use, reliable tools.Off-site link