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Financial Tips from the Atlanta Fed: Financial Behaviors

April 1, 2019

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April is Financial Literacy for Youth Month. Take advantage of the observance to set a good financial example for the young people in your life and to understand your own financial behaviors.

  • Your money personality may affect your financial decisions. Learn whether you are a saver, an avoider, a spender, a giver, or a worrier by taking a short quiz. Adobe PDF file formatOff-site link
  • Impulse buying can be a budget buster. Track your spendingOff-site link to learn more about where your money is going and what your financial temptations are.
  • Paying bills late can have an impact on your credit score, Adobe PDF file format which affects the cost of borrowing with higher interest rates.

For ways to teach young people about finances during Financial Literacy for Youth Month, visit the Federal Reserve's education pageOff-site link for free resources such as e-books, games, flash cards, and online interactives.