June 1, 2020

father and son looking at a open laptop together

For many parents, the end of this school year probably looked much different than previous years. The start of summer vacation may have you searching for resources to keep the children engaged with learning. The Federal Reserve offers a variety of free resources for children of all ages, some of which are highlighted here.

  • A personal finance virtual summer camp for children in grades three to five and six to eight focuses on topics such as how money works and how to evaluate everyday decisions..
  • The Currency Academy helps children learn more about art, science, and history through the lens of money.
  • Online ebooks feature quick, interactive stories and family activities to help preschool through early elementary students learn money lessons in an engaging way. 
  • A self-directed activity book (available in English and Spanish) for upper-elementary and middle school students can help them learn to think critically about money decisions.
  • A video series for middle school and high school students focuses on personal finance concepts in their everyday lives.
  • Educational comic books teach students about basic economic principles and the Federal Reserve’s role in the economy.
  • An online interactive tool helps high school students begin navigating the decision of what path to pursue after high school.
  • The virtual museum experience allows students to view museum exhibits and learn about the economy.

Visit the Federal Reserve Education website for additional resources for consumers and students.