May 1, 2019

couple embracing and standing in front of sold sign as one holds up house keys to the viewer

May 1 is New Home Owners Day. Whether you are about to take the leap and become a homeowner or it is a future financial goal, you may want to contemplate these factors before you sign on the dotted line of that mortgage contract.

  • Consider whether buying or renting Adobe PDF file formatOff-site link is the right option for you at this time. Each person’s circumstances and preferences differ, and only you know the financial and personal factors that are a significant part of this decision. To crunch the numbers, the rent or buy calculatorOff-site link can help with this decision.
  • Your financial behaviors can have an impact on the overall amount you will pay for your home loan. Well in advance of the mortgage process, review your credit report for accuracy. Incorrect entries can be fixed, but they may take time to correct. Additionally, you may want to obtain your credit score Adobe PDF file format to understand how the financing options and costs are based on your current score. Remember, a high credit score will generally result in lower interest rates and save you money.
  • Perhaps you already own a home and are considering taking out a home equity line of credit Adobe PDF file formatOff-site link to make upgrades or renovations. Take a moment to learn about this financing option and others to understand the potential pros and cons.

The home-buying process can be stressful. Have a little fun by taking a quiz to test your knowledge of some facts about residential real estate.