March 20, 2020

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Uncertain times can often cause angst and test our resiliency, including how it relates to household finances. Resilience means a person can withstand or rapidly recover from life-changing negative shocks and events. These resources may help you navigate through the current uncertain environment and shore up your resilience.

  • Protect and manage your financesOff-site link as the coronavirus situation evolves.
  • BanksOff-site link and credit card issuersOff-site link are offering customer assistance for those facing financial hardship.
  • Student loan borrowers can avoid consequences of delinquency or default by communicating with the loan servicer or school. Additional informationOff-site link about student aid and the coronavirus is available for students and borrowers. 
  • Small businesses and nonprofits may be eligible for disaster assistance loansOff-site link. Additional resourcesOff-site link are available to provide guidance for businesses and employers.
  • Additional resourcesOff-site link are also available for nonprofits as they consider how to handle emergency requests and programming.
  • Various federalOff-site link and stateOff-site link actions related to coronavirus are being taken, several of which focus on individual and business relief.
  • As schools transition to remote learning, educators and parents may want to explore the Federal Reserve’s education resourcesOff-site link for materials to use with students.

The Atlanta Fed is concerned for those who are suffering and remains committed to fulfilling its public service mission during these challenging times. The Atlanta Fed's Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity has looked at workforce practices and outlined ways policymakers can help coronavirus-affected workers and firms.