The Americas Center Consumer Banking Conference, hosted by the Florida International University School of Business, explored how banking the unbanked and underbanked helps stabilize and strengthen financial industries and economies in the United States and Latin America. The conference also delved into how access to mainstream banking services stabilizes communities and how growth in consumer banking markets can occur safely and soundly through financial education, regulation, and product innovation. Speakers discussed how successful partnerships support the continued progress in banking the unbanked.

For further information about the conference, contact Ana Cruz-Taura at 305-597-6850.


Opening Remarks
Pat Barron, First Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Setting the Stage: Emerging Market Profiles
Participants discuss success stories in creating and implementing effective business development models that are reaching unbanked market segments, with an emphasis on why mainstream banking provides a means for financial stability to individuals and economies.

Emmanuel Roussakis, Florida International University

Manuel Orozco, Inter-American Dialogue [Presentation PDF logo]
Manuel Alegre, ShoreBank International [Presentation PDF logo]
Susan Rico, Wells Fargo Bank [Presentation PDF logo]

The Role of Financial Education
Practitioners share their experiences in converting the unbanked and underbanked into "bankable" individuals, utilizing consumer education to create a safer and more transparent marketplace. Discussions will cover a variety of financial education models and include how effective collaborations can be sustained.

Rudy Araujo, Director, Asociación de Supervisores Bancarios de las Américas (ASBA)

Louisa Quittman, U.S. Department of the Treasury [Presentation PDF logo]
Annie Carrillo, Mexican Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior (IME) [Presentation PDF logo]
Maru Cortazar, Appleseed Foundation [Presentation PDF logo]
Liliana Grip, BBVA Compass [Presentation PDF logo]

Product Innovation: Consumer Protection versus Consumer Empowerment
Regulators discuss how products and services can evolve to meet the changing needs of underbanked and emerging markets, consistent with safe and sound practices. Topics will include how marketing and education can work together to help promote new products and promote long-term financial stability.

Edward Skelton, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Elena Whisler, Retail Payments Office, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta [Presentation PDF logo]
Luke Reynolds, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation [Presentation PDF logo]
Scott Graham, FINCA International [Presentation PDF logo]

Business Development Models and Products
Bankers discuss how to implement successful outreach initiatives, what models or products work best to reach the underbanked market segments, and how global economic conditions affect business development strategies.

Peter McDougal, consultant

Andrea Pinotti Cordeiro, Itaú Bank [Presentation PDF logo]
Enrique Carrillo, Chevy Chase Bank
Pedro Uribe, Banco Davivienda [Presentation PDF logo]

Identifying Gaps and How to Address Them
In putting it all together, the final panel of experts discuss what has worked for specific markets in Latin America and various regions of the United States, the effects of policies and regulations on outreach efforts and the development of new products, where emerging market development is running into roadblocks, and how entities can work together better.

Robert Schenk, Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Tova Maria Solo, World Bank [Presentation PDF logo]
Ana Alvarez Boyd, Federal Reserve Board [Presentation PDF logo]
Ellen Seidman, New America Foundation [Presentation PDF logo]

Closing Remarks
Robert Schenck, Vice President, Supervision and Regulation, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta