Quantitative Approaches to Monetary Policy in Open Economies - May 15-16, 2009

Agenda and Papers

A conference sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's Center for Quantitative Economic Research and the Americas Center®

Friday, May 15

Welcoming remarks

Patrick K. Barron, First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Opening session

Optimal Monetary Policy in an Operational Medium-Sized DSGE Model PDF logo
Lars Svensson, Princeton University, and Deputy Governor Sveriges Riksbank-Sweden
with Malin Adolfson, Stefan Laséen, and Jesper Lindé

Lee E. Ohanian, UCLA [Presentation PDF logo]

Junior Maih, Norges Bank

Development of MEGA-D: A DSGE Model for Policy Analysis PDF logo
Carlos Montoro, Banco Central de Reserva del Peru
with Paul Castillo, David Florian, and Vicente Tuesta

Pedro Silos, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Monetary Policy Forecasting in a DSGE Model with Data that is Uncertain, Unbalanced and about the Future PDF logo
Andrés González Gómez, Banco de la República de Colombia
with Ivan Mahadeva, Diego Rodríguez G., and Luis Eduardo Rojas

Marco Del Negro, Federal Reserve Bank of New York [Presentation PDF logo]

Valerie Bencivenga, University of Texas

Sudden Stops, Financial Crises and Leverage: A Fisherian Deflation of Tobin's Q PDF logo
Enrique Mendoza, University of Maryland

Martin Eichenbaum, Northwestern University [Presentation PDF logo]

Financial Stability in Open Economies PDF logo
Ippei Fujiwara, Bank of Japan
with Yuki Teranishi

Federico Mandelman, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta [Presentation PDF logo]

Javier Garcia Cicco, Central Bank of Chile

ARGEMmy: An Intermediate DSGE Model Calibrated/Estimated for Argentina PDF logo [Presentation PDF logo]
Guillermo Escudé, Central Bank of Argentina

Alejandro Justiniano, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago [Presentation PDF logo]

Introducing Financial Frictions and Unemployment into a Small Open Economy Model PDF logo
Mathias Trabandt, European Central Bank with Larry Christiano, Northwestern University and Karl Walentin, Sveriges Riksbank

Tom Sargent, New York University

Bob Lucas, University of Saskatchewan


Dave Altig, Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Keynote Speaker
Guillermo Calvo, Columbia University

Saturday, May 16

Monetary and Fiscal Policy Coordination PDF logo
Chris Sims, Princeton University

Timothy Cogley, New York University [Presentation PDF logo]

Communicating Monetary Policy Intentions: The Case of Norges Bank PDF logo [Presentation PowerPoint logo]
Amund Holmsen, Norges Bank
with Jan Qvigstad, Oistein Roisland, and Kristin Solberg

Thomas A. Lubik, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond [Presentation PowerPoint logo]

Dan Waggoner, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Roundtable Discussion

Mike Bryan, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Gerardo Licandro, Research Director, Banco Central del Uruguay [Presentation PowerPoint logo]
John McDermott, Assistant Governor and Head of Economics, Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Lars Svensson, Princeton University, and Deputy Governor Sveriges Riksbank-Sweden [Presentation PDF logo]

Conference organizers are Larry Christiano, Stephen Kay, Federico Mandelman, and Tao Zha