Financial Markets Conference: Up from the Ashes: The Financial System after the Crisis - May 11–12, 2010

The postcrisis financial market landscape will be determined by both the regulatory response to recent events and market participants' changing business models and strategies. In this fourteenth annual forum, held at the Emory Conference Center in Atlanta, participants will consider and debate critical aspects of the remaking of the financial system from both policy and practical perspectives. Specifically, the conference sessions will examine too-big-to-fail policies and proposals for scaling them back; questions regarding the definition, scope, and function of macroprudential regulation; current forms of structured finance and the future of structured products; and the key role that analysis and dissemination of financial information will play in shaping the playing field. Contact Lisa Lee-Fogarty for more information.

Postconference analysis and discussion

Papers and presentations

"Regulatory reform via resolution: Maybe not sufficient, certainly necessary," by Dave Altig in macroblog, May 13, 2010

"Discussing the 2010 Financial Markets Conference" (MP3 8:32)
Atlanta Fed economist and associate policy adviser Paula Tkac discusses the Atlanta Fed's 2010 financial markets conference in a podcast interview. June 2010