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Tulane University's new Master of Sustainable Real Estate Development Program and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's Center for Real Estate Analytics invite researchers, industry practitioners, and policymakers to participate in a conference to advance the understanding and improve the practice of green development and finance. This conference aims to influence the national dialogue on green building and will bring together top scholars and practitioners to investigate core issues surrounding green development and assess the tools, costs, benefits, and opportunities in financing green development. Discussions will focus on underwriting and valuation of green development projects, the role that real estate industry organizational structure plays in supporting green development, the application of green standards to real estate portfolio management, and green measurement criteria and certification issues.

Confirmed speakers include Raphael Bostic, HUD Assistant Secretary; Scott Muldavin, Executive Director, Green Building Finance Consortium; and Dana Bourland, Vice President, Green Initiatives for Enterprise Community Partners Inc.

Core Research Track
Core Policy and Practice Track
  • Organizational/Industry Structure
  • Valuing Green
  • Portfolio Management
  • Underwriting Green Projects
  • Green Measurement Criteria and Certification Issues
  • Green Leasing