Financial downturns, natural disasters, and economic disinvestment can all bring financial difficulties to a community, especially to community members who are unbanked or underbanked. Building financial capacity and access to banking helps communities become more stable and resilient.

Join us to hear speakers and panelists discuss:

  • Strategies to build responsive banking services focused on the community's assessed needs and consumer preferences while modifying consumer behavior through products and incentives
  • The contribution of community organizations and alternative financial service providers in the development of financial management capacity within a market
  • The role that mobile payments is playing in the evolution of financial services and money management, and the risks to consider in a quickly developing field of financial services

Who should attend?
economic developers, financial stability organizations/counselors, wealth-building nonprofits, banks, community-based organizations, micro-lenders and small business incubators/counselors, foreign consuls, international business development agencies, minority and immigrant community service organizations, chambers of commerce, policymakers, economic researchers, and academics

Conference location
Florida Interational University
Miami, FL 33199