Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and New York University

Friday, November 30

Real Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy
Chair: Anastasios Karantounias, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

"Real Exchange Rate Variability in a Two-Country Business Cycle Model" pdf
Håkon Tretvoll

Presenter: Håkon Tretvoll, New York University
Discussant: Federico Mandelman, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

"Demography & International Capital Flows"
David Backus, Thomas Cooley, and Espen Henriksen

Presenter: David Backus, New York University [Presentation off-site]
Discussant: Kim Ruhl, New York University

"Trade, Unemployment, and Monetary Policy" pdf
Matteo Cacciatore and Fabio Ghironi

Presenter: Matteo Cacciatore, HEC Montreal
Discussant: George Alessandria, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

"Structural Reforms in a Monetary Union: The Role of the ZLB pdf
Andrea Raffo, Andrea Ferrero, and Gauti Eggertsson

Presenter: Andrea Raffo, Board of Governors
Discussant: Toni Braun, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Sovereign Debt
Chair: Pedro Silos, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

"International Reserves and Rollover Risk" pdf
Javier Bianchi, Juan Carlos Hatchondo, and Leonardo Martinez

Presenter: Javier Bianchi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Discussant: Tim Kehoe, University of Minnesota

"Dynamics of Sovereign Investment, Debt, and Default" pdf
Grey Gordon and Pablo Guerron-Quintana

Presenter: Pablo Guerron-Quintana, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Discussant: Yan Bai, University of Rochester

"Financial Globalization, Inequality, and the Rising of Public Debt" pdf
Marina Azzimonti, Eva de Francisco, and Vincenzo Quadrini

Presenter: Vincenzo Quadrini, University of Southern California
Discussant: Pablo D'Erasmo, University of Maryland

Saturday, December 1

The Firm and the Open Economy
Chair: Kim Ruhl, New York University

"The Anatomy of French Production Hierarchies" off-site
Lorenzo Caliendo, Ferdinando Monte, and Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

Presenter: Ferdinando Monte, Johns Hopkins University [Presentation pdf]
Discussant: Marc Muendler, University of California, San Diego

"Technology Capital Transfer"
Thomas C. Holmes, Ellen R. McGrattan, and Edward C. Prescott

Presenter: Ellen R. McGrattan, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Discussant: Natalia Ramondo, Arizona State University

"Export Dynamics in Large Devaluations" pdf
George Alessandria, Sangeeta Pratap, and Vivian Yue

Presenter: Vivian Yue, Board of Governors
Discussant: Ariel Burstein, University of California, Los Angeles