"Asset-Based Community Development: Challenges and Opportunities for Funders" PDF icon
Heather P. Imboden (presenter), University of California–Berkeley

"Building Community Resilience Through Effective Partnerships Between Faith-Based and Community Organizations" PDF icon
Pam Joshi (presenter), Brandeis University, Sarah Love, RTI International, Casey Tischner, RTI International, Brian Burke, RTI International

"Changing Financial Landscape: Are LMIs Disproportionately Affected? The Case of Detroit" PDF icon
Maude Toussaint-Comeau (presenter), Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Robin Newberger (presenter), Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

"Design of an Evaluation Framework for Place-Based Initiatives—Southern Bancorp Case Study" PDF icon
Ben Kaufman (presenter), Southern Bancorp Community Partners

"The Determinants of Subprime Loan Performance Following a Modification" PDF icon
Maximilian Schmeiser (presenter), Federal Reserve Board, Matthew Gross, Federal Reserve Board

"Does Foreclosure Increase the Likelihood of Homelessness? Evidence from the Richmond MSA" PDF icon
Nika Lazaryan (presenter), Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Margot Ackermann, Homeward, Urvi Neelakantan, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

"How SBA Loan Effects Vary with Local Area Characteristics" PDF icon
J. David Brown (presenter), U.S. Census Bureau, and John Earle, George Mason University

"Implementation Analysis of Job Creation Strategies in Baltimore City" PDF icon
Nichole M. Stewart (presenter), University of Maryland–Baltimore County (UMBC)

"An Integrated Assessment of Sustainability and Revitalization Outcomes of Greening Vacant Land" PDF icon
Megan Heckert (presenter), Swarthmore College

"Jobs-Plus: Creating Communities of Employment" PDF icon
Patrick Hart (presenter), New York City Center for Economic Opportunity

"Leveraging Anchor Institutions for Local Job Creation and Wealth Building" PDF icon
Steve Dubb (presenter), Democracy Collaborative, Ted Howard, Democracy Collaborative

"Local Capital Planning in Non-Metropolitan Communities: Practices and Prospects from New York State for a Revitalized Future" PDF icon
Michael R. Hattery (presenter), Rockefeller Institute of Government

"Measuring Financial Inclusion: The Global Findex Database" PDF icon
Atisha Kumar (presenter), World Bank, Asli Demirguc-Kunt, World Bank, Leora Klapper, World Bank

"Organizing Collective Effort for Improving Commercial Districts: Lessons from Business Associations in Detroit" PDF icon
Wonhyung Elsa Lee (presenter), University of Michigan–Ann Arbor

"Philanthropy's Impact on Community Development: Lessons from the Field" PDF icon
Maria Martinez-Cosio (presenter), University of Texas–Arlington, Mirle Rabinowitz Bussell, University of California–San Diego

"The Public Workforce System: Serving Older Job Seekers and the Disability Implications of an Aging Workforce" PDF icon
Maria T. Heidkamp (presenter), Heldrich Center for Workforce Development, William Mabe, Heldrich Center for Workforce Development, Barbara DeGraaf, Heldrich Center for Workforce Development

"Pursuing Adaptive Resilience—Building Institutional Capacity, Designing a Cohesive Policy Framework" PDF icon
Joseph Schilling (presenter) and Lauren Bulka (presenter), Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech, Margaret Cowell, Virginia Tech

"Reimagining Collaboration: Local and Community Economic Development Systems" PDF icon
Kate Davidoff (presenter), Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies, Jessica Lau, Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies, Roland Anglin, Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies

"The Rental Housing Finance Survey: Methodological and Empirical Findings from a New Survey of Landlords" PDF icon
Danilo Pelletiere (presenter), U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Shawn Buccholtz, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

"Restructuring the American Dream: How an Asset-Building/Homeownership Counseling Program Mitigates Foreclosures among Low-Income, Minority Homebuyers" PDF icon
Anna Maria Santiago (presenter), Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University, Ana H. Sanroman, Wayne State University, George C. Galster, Wayne State University

"State Use of Community-Based Organizations to Advance Urban Revitalization Policy: The Case of the Front Porch Florida Initiative" PDF icon
Marcus D. Mauldin (presenter), University of Tennessee–Chattanooga

"Strategic Geographic Targeting in the Distressed Mortgage Markets: The Case of Detroit" PDF icon
Lei Ding (presenter), Wayne State University, Noah Urban, Wayne State University

"Suburban Housing Collaboratives: A Case for Interjurisdictional Collaboration" PDF icon
Susan Longworth (presenter), Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

"Understanding the Relationship Between Multifunctional Agriculture, Community Resilience, and Rural Development" PDF icon
Chyi-lyi (Kathleen) Liang (presenter), University of Vermont, Flora Su, University of Vermont

"Using Photovoice as a Means of Data Sharing: The Story of Fort McPherson" PDF icon
Elizabeth J. Fuller (presenter), Georgia Health Policy Center

"Weathering the Recession: The Financial Crisis and Family Wealth Changes in Low-Income Neighborhoods" PDF icon
Beadsie Woo (presenter), The Annie E. Casey Foundation, Leah Hendey, The Urban Institute, Signe-Mary McKernan, The Urban Institute

"What Is the Market Gap for the Provision of Financial Services for Low-Income Communities?" PDF icon
Oscar Gonzales (presenter), CDFI Fund, James Greer, CDFI Fund

"Who Is Banking Latino Families: Latino Access to Financial Services and Products" PDF icon
Marisabel Torres (presenter), National Council of La Raza

"Why Low-Income Communities Should Value Smart Entrepreneurs over Smart Capital" PDF icon
Dileep Rao (presenter), Florida International University

"WorkAdvance: Helping Job Seekers Advance While Meeting Business Needs" PDF icon
Patrick Hart (presenter), New York City Center for Economic Opportunity