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April 7–8, 2022


Thursday, April 7
Noon Lunch
12:50 p.m. Welcome
Orgul Ozturk

Session 1
1:00 Paper 1: The Bright Side of Nepotism? Family CEOs, Turnover, and Firm Performance
Presenter: Andrés Hincapié
Coauthors: Barton H. Hamilton, Noah Lyman
Discussant: Victor Hernandez Martinez
2:00 Paper 2: Entrepreneurship in Black and White
Presenter: Siddhartha Sanghi
Coauthors: Barton H. Hamilton, Andrés Hincapié, Prasanthi Ramakrishnan
Discussant: Veronika Penciakova
3:00 Break  
3:15 Paper 3: Understanding the Educational Attainment Polygenic Score and Its Interactions with SES in Determining Health in Young Adulthood
Presenter: Peter A. Savelyev
Coauthors: Atticus Bolyard
Discussant: Ian Schmutte
4:15 Paper 4: Health and Household Labor Supply: Instantaneous and Adaptive Behavior of an Aging Workforce
Presenter: Ning Li
Discussant: Devon Gorry
5:15 Reception and social hour  
6:15 Self-pay group dinner  
Friday, April 8  
8:00 a.m. Coffee and pastry  

Session 2  
8:30 Paper 5: Birth Order and Public Investments: Evidence from the United States, 1900–1940
Presenter: Angela Cools
Coauthors: Siobhan O'Keefe
Discussant: Scott Barkowski
9:30 Paper 6: The Dynastic Benefits of Early Childhood Education: Evidence from a Program Targeted to Disadvantaged African Americans
Presenter: Jorge Luis García
Coauthors: Frederik H. Bennhoff, Duncan Ermini Leaf, James J. Heckman
Discussant: Crystal Zhan
10:30 Break  
10:45 Paper 7: Parents' Effective Time Endowment and Divorce: Evidence from Extended School Days
Presenter: María Padilla-Romo 
Coauthors: Cecilia Peluffo, Mariana Viollaz
Discussant: Melanie Guldi
11:45 Lunch  

Session 3  
1:00 p.m. Paper 8: School and Crime
Presenter: Todd R. Jones
Coauthors: Ezra Karger
Discussant: Robert Ainsworth
2:00 Closing remarks