The Great Gatsby Curve: Inequality and Mobility in Modern America

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Raphael Bostic, president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, invites you to join the Atlanta Fed's board of directors and a select group of business, civic, and community leaders for an evening of dinner and conversation on

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Featured speaker:
Steven Durlauf
Steans Family Professor in Educational Policy
Harris School of Public Policy
University of Chicago

Looking across the world's developed economies, higher levels of income inequality seem to be related to lower levels of social mobility. That is, in economies with high inequality, kids in low-income families are more likely to be about as well off as their parents and less likely to move into the ranks of the middle class or grow up to form upper-income households. Is this is the case in the United States today? If so, does inequality somehow cause less economic mobility, or is this just a coincidence? Professor Durlauf will examine these questions with a special focus on the roles played by social and economic segregation. Please join us for a lively discussion on these important issues.

By invitation only.