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Policy Hub provides two forums that draw on the expertise of Atlanta Fed economists and researchers to address issues of broad policy interest: Macroblog and Policy Hub Papers.

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In December 2020, our Real Estate Research blog and Notes from the Vault column became part of Policy Hub.

Policy Hub: Macroblog

Policy Hub: Macroblog provides concise commentary and analysis on economic topics by staff economists and analysts for a broad audience.

May 19, 2022

An Evaluation of GDP Nowcasts during the Pandemic

Arriving at an accurate forecast of changes in gross domestic product requires frequent calibration of the tools used to produce the forecast. A Policy Hub: Macroblog post discusses some recent adjustments to the Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow tool.

Mar 01, 2022

Assessing Recent Labor Market Improvement

Adjustments to population data can make assessing labor market behavior challenging. A new Policy Hub: Macroblog post discusses how to accommodate these adjustments to arrive at a more accurate picture of labor market performance over time.

Feb 03, 2022

Rounded Wage Data and the Wage Growth Tracker

Recently announced changes to wage data will affect the Atlanta Fed's Wage Growth Tracker. A new Policy Hub: Macroblog post discusses these changes and how we're adapting the tracker to accommodate them.

Jan 12, 2022

Hybrid Working Arrangements: Who Decides?

Some teleworking is likely to remain part of the employment landscape. But who makes the call about how much remote work occurs? A Policy Hub: Macroblog post looks at recent survey data to see how such decisions get made.

Dec 02, 2021

Atlanta Fed Conference Investigates Inequalities in the Financial System

A more complete understanding of the barriers stopping individuals from participating to their full potential in labor and financial markets is necessary for good monetary policymaking. Read this Policy Hub: Macroblog post for a discussion of papers at a recent conference looking at racial and gender disparities in the financial system and their implications.

Policy Hub Papers

Policy Hub Papers feature more detailed analyses of economic topics by staff economists and researchers for both academic and nonacademic audiences.

May 09, 2022

Did Substance Abuse during the Pandemic Reduce Labor Force Participation?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, levels of substance abuse rose while labor force participation rates fell. This Policy Hub article examines the impact of heightened substance abuse on the US workforce.

Apr 07, 2022

Who Benefited Most from the CARES Act Unemployment Insurance Provisions?

During the pandemic, the government enhanced unemployment benefits and made them easier to obtain, benefiting many people. But who were the greatest beneficiaries of those enhanced benefits? This Policy Hub article explores which workers felt the greatest impact from temporary changes to unemployment insurance.

Mar 22, 2022

The Impact of the Pandemic on US Businesses: New Results from the Annual Business Survey

Recent data show that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was not spread evenly across firms. New research in Policy Hub finds that minority-owned firms' expectations for business operations in 2022 were less optimistic than businesses not owned by minorities.

Mar 03, 2022

Unstable Coins: The Early History of Central Bank Analog Currencies

Throughout history, the introduction of central bank currencies has been rife with unintended consequences, misfires, and lessons learned—sometimes painfully. This Policy Hub article examines what lessons from the past might be applied to central bank digital currencies.

Feb 24, 2022

Will Wage Growth Alone Get Workers Back Into the Labor Market? Not Likely.

Wage growth alone is not likely to increase labor force participation to prepandemic levels. New research in Policy Hub finds that not only are younger workers redefining what they want from their work environment, they are less responsive to wage incentives than previous generations.