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Dontá Council

CED Adviser
  • Biography

    Dontá Council is an adviser on stressors and shocks to low-to-moderate-income communities on the Community and Economic Development (CED) team at the Atlanta Fed. Dr. Council’s research focuses more broadly on the impacts of natural hazards and disasters on vulnerable communities.

    Before joining the Atlanta Fed, Dr. Council spent 10 years working in the public sector, focusing on uplifting the voices and lived experiences of marginalized communities through research and community engagement. He has worked on a variety of applied research and community-based projects that center the experiences of households and community-based organizations affected by disasters. His dissertation investigated the influence of flood risk perceptions and household adaptive behavior using principles grounded in the fields of social psychology and behavioral economics. He specializes in the use of diverse methodological methods and has an interest in interdisciplinary approaches to answering complex problems, including qualitative research design.

    Dr. Council completed his bachelor’s degree in political science and doctorate in public administration and policy from Old Dominion University and his master’s in public administration from Jacksonville State University.

  • Publications


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    Blog Posts

    Scarlett Heinbuch and Dontá Council. "Vulnerable Populations and the Case for Cash." Take on Payments. May 23, 2022.

    Other Publications

    Tyler, Jenna, Abdul-Akeen Sadiq, Dontá Council, and Douglas Noonan. "Floodplain Managers' Perceptions of Community Flood Concern, Mitigation, Preparedness, and Response in the United States." Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management (June 17, 2022).

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