Career Ladder Identifier and Financial Forecaster (CLIFF)

logo for Career Ladder Identifier and Financial Forecaster tool

The complexity of public assistance programs means that many workers may struggle to understand the timing and magnitude of benefits loss. Coupled with economic insecurity, this uncertainty can prevent individuals from actively seeking opportunities for career advancement. Further, individuals who do advance without knowledge of when assistance will end can find themselves in situations where their standard of living doesn't improve, or even declines.

Core to this Advancing Careers initiative is the development of several interactive financial planning tools designed to provide information about benefits loss along a career path.

The CLIFF Dashboard provides analytical capabilities for workforce and human service professionals, employers, nonprofits, and policymakers working to mitigate the benefits cliffs through changes in practices, policies, and system alignment.

The CLIFF Planner helps workers and students identify the training programs that increase their earnings, improve their standard of living, and put their families on a path towards self-sufficiency.

CLIFF Dashboard

Many of our partnerships around the country have led us to creating informational dashboards that inform how benefits cliffs intersect with career advancement in specific geographies and local in-demand career paths. These dashboards show the financial tradeoffs associated with career advancement, the net gains to the taxpayer when workers advance, and simulate policy and programmatic solutions.

See a demo of the CLIFF dashboardOff-site link and visit the Community and Institutional Partnerships page to learn more and see partner dashboards.

CLIFF Planner

Core to this initiative is the development of an interactive financial planning tool designed to inform individuals about benefits cliffs along a career path. The tool enables users to design a customized career path involving multiple steps of education and career advancement.

The Cliff Financial Planner is not yet available but is coming soon.