Nashville: Equitable Development Strategies for Neighborhoods - May 13, 2015

Nashville, Tennessee


Welcome and Introductions
David Jackson and Emily Mitchell, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

State of Nashville's Affordable Housing Demand
Bettie Teasley Sulmers, Director, Research and Planning, Tennessee Housing Development Agency [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
David Padgett, Associate Professor, Tennessee State University [Presentation Adobe PDF file format

What Is Nashville's Current Housing Landscape?
Jim Fraser, Professor, Vanderbilt University [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Paul Johnson, Executive Director, The Housing Fund [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Hannah Cassidy and David Kleinfelter, Attorneys, Reno & Cavanaugh

Affordable Housing Tools: What Can Be Gleaned from Research and Practice?
Emily Thaden, Research and Policy Development Manager, the National Community Land Trust Network [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Robert Hickey, Senior Research Associate, Center for Housing Policy/National Housing Conference [Presentation Adobe PDF file format]
Loryn B. Clark, Executive Director, Office of Housing and Community, Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Brad Weinig, Program Director, Enterprise Community Partners [Presentation Adobe PDF file format