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April–May 2020

Virtual Agenda

Thursday, April 9
3–5 p.m. EST
"Promise Kept? Free Community College, Attainment, and Earnings in Tennessee"
Presenter: Celeste Carruthers, University of Tennessee
Coauthors: William Fox and Christopher Jepsen
Discussant: John Gardner, University of Mississippi

"State Minimum Wage Increases and Self-Employment: Analysis of Heterogeneous Treatment Effects Across Occupations"
Presenter: Jeremy Moulton, University of North Carolina
Coauthor: Dillan Bono-Lunn and John Scott
Discussant: Peter Brummund, University of Alabama

Friday, April 17
3–5 p.m. EST
"Fast-Tracked to Success: The Effect of Vocational Education on Labor Market Outcomes"
Presenter: Fernando Saltiel, Duke University
Discussant: Perihan Saygin, University of Florida

"The Wages of Irregular Tasks: Worker's Compensation Benefits and Occupational Misclassification"
Presenter: Michael D. Makowsky, Clemson University
Coauthor: Kelsey Roberts Bacon
Discussant: Jessie Wang, Furman University

Thursday, April 23
3–5 p.m. EST
"Difference in Differences with Multiple Time Periods"
Presenter: Brantly Callaway, University of Mississippi
Coauthor: Pedro Sant'Anna
Discussant: Tom Mroz, Georgia State University

"Wage Distributions in Origin Societies and Occupational Choices of Immigrant Generations in the U.S."
Presenter: Crystal Zhan, University of South Carolina
Discussant: Madeline Zavodny

Friday, May 1
3–5 p.m. EST
"Consequences of Teenage Childbearing on Child Outcomes"
Presenter: Devon Gorry, Clemson University
Discussant: Melanie Guldi, University of Central Florida

"The Dynamics of the Smoking Wage Penalty"
Presenter: Melinda Pitts, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Coauthors: Michael E. Darden and Julie L. Hotchkiss
Discussant: Melinda Morrill, North Carolina State University

Wednesday, May 6
3–5 p.m. EST
"The Effect of Education on Unemployment Duration"
Presenter: Duha Altindag, Auburn University
Coauthors: Bahadir Dursun and Elif S. Filiz
Discussant: Kathryn Anderson, Vanderbilt University

"Are the Costs of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Passed on to Workers at the Individual Level?"
Presenter: Conor Lennon, University of Louisville
Discussant: Matt Harris, University of Tennessee

Steering Committee: Julie Hotchkiss, Melinda Pitts, Kathryn Anderson, Peter Brummund, Joe Hotz, Tom Mroz, Orgul Ozturk, and Madeline Zavodny