Watch videos on ideas on funding and financing workforce development from leaders in workforce development, community development finance, philanthropy, and business.

Investing in Workforce Development Is Investing in People
Finance is about how to invest in things, how to build infrastructure, how to make things happen with growth capital.

How CDFIs Support Communities
UNH Center for Impact Finance director Michael Swack looks at how CDFIs fill financing gaps for community and business development.

Designing Effective Workforce Products
Freedom First Credit Union vice president Tim Cerebe talks about factors to consider when designing workforce programs and products.

Best Funding Term Lengths for Workforce Programs
Local Initiatives Support Corp. senior director Seung Kim addresses the need for institutions to commit funding for workforce programs year after year.

Supporting Access to Job Training Programs
National Skills Coalition state policy director Melissa Johnson notes how employers focus on helping people access workforce development.

Financing Access to Jobs
Southern Bancorp Community Partners president Karama Neal remarks on why banks consider various ways to help people access good jobs.

The Economic Imperative of Job Skills Programs
“Skills are currency,” says Jason Tyszko, VP at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, stressing the need for financing options for learners, workers.

Building to Scale for Workforce Training
First Step Staffing VP Amelia Nickerson notes equitable access is key to ensuring that training and opportunities are available to all job seekers.

Access to Financial Services Critical to Economic Mobility
Ed Sivak, executive VP of Hope Enterprise Corporation, talks about how policy choices can exclude people from achieving economic mobility.

Middle-Skill Jobs Offer Good Wages
Chauncy Lennon, Lumina Foundation VP, discusses the value of helping people understand that a BA is not the only way to earn good wages.

Why Workforce Development Requires Capital
REDF chief program officer Carrie McKellogg explains that workforce development and the tools of finance are finally coming together.

Training the Workforce for Change
Brad Markell, executive director at the AFL-CIO, stresses that employers must understand that new technology adds tasks to existing jobs.

How CDFIs Boost Financial Inclusion
Fed senior associate director Anna Alvarez-Boyd describes the role of CDFIs in giving access to financial services and the economy.