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Lesson 2: In the Aftermath

Concepts: Financial institutions, financial products/services, federal reserve, liquidity, rate of return, account and records management

This lesson examines important financial documents and strategies for preparing for an emergency. Students explore the benefits of establishing a relationship with financial institutions, evaluate several types of financial institutions and deposit accounts, and complete basic financial tasks, including selecting an institution, choosing an account, writing and endorsing checks, completing a check register, and reconciling a bank statement. In addition, students are introduced to new banking technology like online banking, mobile apps, and text banking.

The video component of the lesson shares the financial and personal experiences of a 10th grade boy and his family when they were forced to evacuate New Orleans, Louisiana, before Hurricane Katrina and after they returned.

Lesson components


You can watch the video accompanying this lesson using the YouTube player below, or download it directly to your computer.