• Our center focuses on employment policies and labor market issues that affect low- and moderate-income individuals. It acts as a bridge between research and practice, connecting researchers, businesses, and policymakers with innovative approaches to creating economic opportunity through education and employment. The center also contributes to economic research and monetary policy discussions by tracking labor market trends affecting low- and moderate-income workers.

    Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity's Opportunity Occupations Monitor
    Opportunity Occupations Monitor

    The tool displays estimates of opportunity employment, good-paying jobs that don’t require a bachelor's degree in states and metro areas.

    Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity Tool: Unemployment Claims Monitor
    Unemployment Claims Monitor

    The Atlanta Fed's Unemployment Claims Monitor tracks initial and continued claims for unemployment insurance—and claimant demographics—for each state and nationally.

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    Rework America Alliance

    The alliance is a national collaboration seeking solutions that enable unemployed and low-wage workers who have built skills through experience emerge from the pandemic crisis stronger.

    photograph of a line of smiling people, with the tagline "Everyone's Economy"
    Economic Mobility and Resilience: Everyone's Economy

    The Federal Reserve works to support a strong, vibrant economy whose benefits are intended to reach everyone.

    Investing in America's Workforce Book Off-site link

    Discover best practices in workforce development in the three-volume book Investing in America's Workforce: Improving Outcomes for Workers and Employers.

    Labor Report First Look

    The tool provides a snapshot of current and historical employment data and will be updated on a monthly basis.