January 5, 2017

Atlanta Fed economists have devised several highly regarded forecasting and tracking tools. But in addition to conducting scholarly research on our complex economy, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta stays plugged in to day-to-day commerce in the Southeast.

A new video profiles the Atlanta Fed's business and community outreach program as staff systematically gather and analyze practical economic information that informs the Fed's monetary policymaking. The video takes viewers along as these staff crisscross the Southeast to visit factories, airports, community colleges, and farms.

It's a two-way exchange. Atlanta Fed staff gain economic insights from leaders in communities, businesses, nonprofits, government, and academia. These staff also share information about the Fed's research and economic forecasts.

The video introduces viewers to Atlanta Fed contacts and contributors to the economic information exchange process, including William Krueger, chairman of JATCO Americas, a maker of automotive transmissions; Carolyn Fennell of the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority; Marsha Folsom of Resource Fiber LLC, an Alabama-based bamboo grower and processer; Dr. Eduardo Padrón, president of Miami Dade College; and Earl Shipp, vice president of Dow Chemical's Gulf Coast operations.

"After learning more about what the bank really does and its true role in the economy, you can't help but become an advocate," Shipp says in the video. "This is how the Fed is working to better manage the U.S. economy."

photo of Charles Davidson
Charles Davidson

Staff writer for Economy Matters