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Supervision, Regulation, and Credit: About Us


We exist to promote a safe, sound, and efficient banking and financial system that supports the growth and stability of the U.S. economy.

Key components of our mission include:

  • Developing and implementing timely and effective rules, policies, and guidance for supervised financial institutions under the direction of the Board and in consultation with other Board divisions, Reserve Banks, and other domestic and international supervisory agencies;
  • Leading the execution of the Federal Reserve's supervisory responsibilities by coordinating and participating in supervisory programs and activities, as well as assessing the effectiveness of those supervisory programs and activities; and
  • Contributing to the execution of the Federal Reserve's financial stability and other central bank responsibilities by identifying and advising the Board about issues and vulnerabilities at individual financial institutions and groups of institutions that could have an adverse impact on the broader financial system and economy.

Safety and Soundness conducts examinations of domestic and international banks and bank holding companies, including specialized examinations in trust operations, information systems, capital markets, and operations risk. Supervisory programs distinguish between large banks, regional and community banks, and foreign banking organizations. To minimize the regulatory burden, regulators tailor examination procedures based on the risk posed by institutions.

Consumer Compliance examines state member banks to ensure compliance with consumer laws and regulations (including fair lending) and to encourage lending, investment, and services in communities in which they operate throughout the Sixth District. Guidance on the Consumer Compliance supervision program can be found here.Off-site link

For assistance with consumer complaints, please contact:

Federal Reserve Consumer Help (FRCH)
federalreserveconsumerhelp.gov Off-site link
Call us toll-free at 888-851-1920 (TTY: 877-766-8533)
Hours: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST

Credit Risk Management serves as a contingency lender in support of financial and economic stability. It assesses and monitors risk from the Reserve Banks' or System's counterparties and determines appropriate risk containment procedures.

  • Supervision Programs

    The Community and Regional Bank Group oversees state member banks, bank holding companies, and savings and loan holding companies with assets below $100 billion. Guidance on Community and Regional Bank Group supervision programs can be found here.

    The Large Bank Group supervises two large banking organizations, each with total assets exceeding $100 billion. The supervisory teams are also supported by specialty risk teams for Consumer Compliance, Operations Risk, Market and Liquidity Risk, Capital Assessment, Information Technology, Credit Risk, Wealth Management, and Bank Secrecy/Anti-Money Laundering. Additional information on the Large Bank Group supervision program can be found here.

    The International Group provides supervisory oversight of foreign banking operations within the Federal Reserve System's Sixth District and pursues initiatives to better understand Latin American and Caribbean banking systems. Additionally, the group seeks to strengthen relationships with strategic partners in the areas of private banking, anti–money laundering, and supervision of foreign banking organizations. Guidance on the International Group supervision program can be found here.

    Information on the supervision program for Service Providers can be found here. The Federal Financial Institution Examination Council's website also includes a booklet on the technology service provider supervision program that federal banking agencies use.

    The Federal Reserve's Division of Consumer and Community Affairs advances supervision, community reinvestment, and research to increase understanding of the impacts of financial services policies and practices on Consumers and Communities. Additional information on consumer compliance and community reinvestment can be found here.

  • Leaders

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    Joe Davidson
    Senior Vice President
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    John Pelick
    Vice President
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    Juan C. Sanchez
    Vice President
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    Maria Smith
    Vice President
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    Steve Wise
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