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    Lesson 1: Katrina Strikes

    Concepts: Financial preparedness, risk management, goal setting and planning, decision making, scarcity, opportunity cost

    This lesson is an introduction to the Katrina’s Classroom curriculum that lays the groundwork for developing the skills to create a plan for emergency and financial preparedness. The lesson examines planning, goal setting, risk management, wants and needs, decision making, scarcity, and opportunity cost. In addition to the main lesson, additional activities allow educators in other disciplines to use the video and core lesson concepts in their classrooms.

    The video component of the lesson sets the scene by showing some of the devastation that the storm wrought, and introducing three families whose stories and lessons learned are followed throughout the curriculum.

    Lesson components

    Part 1 Financial and Emergency Preparedness

    Part 2 Goals and Decision Making

    Part 3 Beyond Personal Finance: Using Katrina’s Classroom Videos across Disciplines Extension activity

    Supplemental activity: On Target for Your Goals
    Test Your Knowledge interactive
    Infographic: Why Prepare for the Unexpected?


    You can watch the video accompanying this lesson using the YouTube player below, or download it directly to your computer.