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Lesson 4: Back to School

Concepts: Postsecondary education and careers, human capital, employment/unemployment, FAFSA, budget and living expenses, savings tools, Rule of 72

This lesson examines developing human capital, postsecondary education as a key to greater financial well-being, costs and financing options for postsecondary education, budgeting and saving to achieve financial and personal goals, preparing for emergency situations, and using foundational personal finance strategies. The lesson culminates with a full-scale expense tracking and budgeting project.

The video component of the lesson shares the financial and personal experiences and lessons learned of a college freshman, her family, and her friends when they were forced to evacuate New Orleans, Louisiana, before Hurricane Katrina and after they returned.

Lesson components

Part 1 Human Capital and Employment

Part 2 Evaluating Postsecondary Opportunities

Part 3a Budgeting Basics

Part 3b Expense Tracking extension activity

Infographic: What is Human Capital?

Part 4 Saving Essentials

Infographic: Why should you save and invest?

Test Your Knowledge interactive

Supplemental Activity: Financial Trivia


You can watch the video accompanying this lesson using the YouTube player below, or download it directly to your computer.