Human Capital Currents, a publication from the Atlanta Fed's Center for Human Capital Studies, featured reports on current topics in human capital development and labor markets.


June 9- Measuring Labor Market Status Using the Basic Data from the Current Population Survey
The labor market is a dynamic mosaic that offers many perspectives for observing its behavior. A new issue suggests an approach that uses census data to assess workers’ employment status.

February 12- Visualizing Labor Market Growth with Many Indicators
The U.S. labor market is a complex mosaic that affords observers myriad perspectives for analysis and observation. But different indicators can produce different conclusions, so deciding which one to use is an important consideration.


July 1- The Asymmetric Impact of Offshoring and Low-skill Immigration on Employment and Wages
Over the past three decades, the United States experienced strong employment growth for high- and low-skilled workers while middle-skill jobs disappeared. At the same time, wages improved only for high-skill occupations. A new issue looks at the role offshoring and low-skill immigration may have played in that phenomenon.


October 20- Getting to the Tipping Point?: Using Employment Data to Forecast the Odds of a Recession
Recession probabilities have been in the news lately. What do the latest employment numbers say about the chances of the United States heading into another recession? An Atlanta Fed economist takes a look.

April 13- What's behind the Surprising Large Drop in the Unemployment Rate?
A unique and puzzling feature of the current recovery is the persistent decline in the labor force. The inaugural issue of the Atlanta Fed's Human Capital Currents explores the decline and its role in the large drop in unemployment.