A wealth of new resources related to small business is now available through three sources on the Atlanta Fed's website.

The first offering is an online Small Business Resources page that provides links to a variety of lending, technical assistance, and planning resources related to small business development and job creation throughout the Southeast. Individuals and businesses can use this page to identify available economic development resources and potential partners.

Second, papers and presentations from the Small Business, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Recovery: A Focus on Job Creation and Economic Stabilization conference held October 26–27, 2010, in Atlanta are now available.

Presentations at the conference included:

  • Implications of Demand for and Access to Financial Capital by Young Firms in the Current Economic Crisis Sheryl Winston Smith, Fox School of Business, Temple University and Alicia Robb, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
    Paper | Presentation
  • Credit Cards, Race, and Entrepreneurship
    Robert Seamans, NYU Stern School of Business
    Paper | Presentation
  • Who Creates Jobs? Small vs. Large vs. Young
    Javier Miranda, Center for Economic Studies, U.S. Census Bureau
    Paper | Presentation

And third, three of the presenters at the conference recorded interviews on small business topics:

Visit frbatlanta.org/podcasts to listen to a podcast, download a transcript, and sign up for the RSS feed to keep up with new economic development podcasts as they are posted, usually twice a month.

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